jason Farley

Captain Jason Farley

Established in 2018, J Farley's Pub was founded in honor of Captain Jason Farley, who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve those around him. On May 24, 2015 tragedy struck the small town of Claremore, when Jason Farley lost his life during a water rescue. Captain Farley was not only a firefighter, he was a husband, father, brother, son and friend, who made a tremendous impact upon the community.

J Farley's is not only in honor of Jason, but also all of those who have fallen in the Line of Duty, including Claremore Firefighters Jim McElwain and Guy Cooper, who lost their lives in a local business fire in 1985. 

Owners, Chris Hayes and James Franklin intend for J Farley's to not only provide the community with great food and a fun atmosphere, but also to honor the legacy of the fallen and continue the memory of those heroes who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice.